Matthew Kolar

Winds Music Coordinator

Matthew Kolar is going into his fifth and final year at Wayne State University, where he studies with Dr. Matthew Younglove, with pre-collegiate instruction including pedagogue Alayne Rever. He is pursuing dual degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Music in Saxophone Performance. He held the position of principal saxophonist of the WSU Wind Symphony for four years and, in his second year, performed the first movement of the Paul Creston Concerto with the WSU Symphony Orchestra as the prize for the annual University Concerto Contest. He is a founding member of Rhythm X Winds, a group consistently at the top of the WGI Winds circuit in the United States performing from 2015-2017. He’s currently the visual caption head and woodwind caption head at South Lyon High School and has been an active apart of the marching community since starting as a woodwind technician at Troy Athens High School in 2015. He has been involved in not only teaching saxophones and the woodwind family, but also movement in both captions of marching and dance/choreography. Within the past four years he has worked with several different programs involved in the MCBA and MCGC circuits as well as being invited as a saxophone clinician to high schools and middle schools in the southeastern Michigan area.